In less than a week, on Monday November 30, 2020 (5-7pm EST), the Asian American Biblical Interpretation (AABI) research group of the Institute of Biblical Research will hold its inaugural session with a program of invited papers by Russell Jeung from San Francisco State University, Amos Yong from Fuller Seminary, and Janette Ok from Fuller Seminary. Milton Eng from Third Space Asian America and myself from North Park Theological Seminary will be presiding.

The theme for our inaugural session is: “Setting the Table: Asian American Studies, Evangelicals and Biblical Interpretation.” The papers are planned out in a way to give a short history on how Asian American theology and biblical interpretation as an academic discipline developed. Russell will provide a historical perspective on the relationship between Asian American studies and theology, Amos will suggest a hermeneutical method for AABI in his reading of Revelation, and Janette will provide an evangelical reflection on AABI, positing what can be learned from the enterprise and what more needs to be done. 

For IBR members, their papers can be read in advance of the session (link to the AABI page of IBR below). The presenters will, however, each give a 10 min summary of their work. The session is designed to maximize dialogue and attendees are encouraged to ask questions of the panel. While you need an IBR membership to access the papers, anyone registered for SBL can – and is encouraged – to attend the session. 

Below is the session schedule with a link to the IBR website for more info. Hope to see you there!

P30-305 Institute for Biblical Research

Milton Eng, Third Space Asian America, Presiding (5 min)

Max Lee, North Park Theological Seminary, Presiding (5 min)

Russell Jeung, San Francisco State University
Asian American Studies and the Development of Asian American Theology (30 min)

Amos Yong, Fuller Seminary
To the Seven Churches in Asia: An Asian (American) Apocalyptic Hermeneutic after Pentecost (30 min)

Janette Ok, Fuller Seminary
Asian American Biblical Interpretation: Evangelical Engagement and Critique  (30 min)

Panel Discussion (20 min) 

More info and link to download papers here