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Practicing Intertextuality: Ancient Jewish and Greco-Roman Exegetical Techniques in the New Testament





Moral Transformation in Greco-Roman Philosophy of Mind: Mapping the Moral Milieu of the Apostle Paul and his Diaspora Jewish Contemporaries

Review in RBL 01/2021

Review in RBECS  01/2021

Review in RBL 03/2021 

Review in RevBibl 128:3 (2021)

Review in RSR 47:4 (2021)

Review in Ancient Philosophy 42:1 (2022)

Review in Bulletin for Biblical Research 32:3 (2022)



In the Christian Standard Bible (CSB) Baker Illustrated Study Bible



Fire in My Soul: Essays on Pauline Soteriology and the Gospels in Honor of Seyoon Kim. 



Revelation. In the Baker Illustrated Bible Commentary. (On Kindle and in Print)

Select Essays and Articles


Mark 6:30-34 (Proper 11); John 6:1-21 (Proper 12); John 6:24-25 (Proper 13). In Connections: A Lectionary Commentary (Year B; Vol. 3)


Reading the Bible Interculturally. Covenant Quarterly 73, no. 2  



Ancient Mentors and Moral Progress according to Galen and Paul. In Doing Theology for the Church (FS Klyne Snodgrass).


Greek Words and Roman Meanings, Part 1: (Re)Mapping Righteousness Language in Greco-Roman Discourse & Part 2: A Prolegomenon to Paul’s Use of Righteousness Language in His Letters. In Fire in My Soul (FS Seyoon Kim).



A Close-Up Look at Forgiveness (Luke 23:34); When Forgiveness Is a Sin (Rev 2:20-21). In Devotions on the Greek New Testament.  

Coming soon: Works in Progress


2026        Moral Transformation in Epicureanism and Diaspora Judaism: Toward a Common Ancient Ethical Tradition. Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament 2. Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck. Under Contract

2025         A Theory of Pleasure: Enjoying God and His Good Gifts in an Epicurean World. Supported by the 2020-21 Henry Residential Fellowship. Seeking a university press publisher

2025        Preaching Philippians. Proclamation: Preaching the New Testament series ed. by James W. Thompson and Jason Myers. Eugene: Wipf and Stock. Under Contract with the Cascade Print

2024        TBA. Under Contract with Baker Academic

2024        Reading Colossians: Engaging the Powers with the Theology of the Cross. Cascade Companions. Eugene: Wipf and Stock. Under Contract with the Cascade Print