New Testament Redux is devoted to the study of the New Testament and how its authors use the Greco-Roman and Jewish cultural traditions, language, categories, metaphors and lexicon of the ancient Mediterranean world to communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Rereading the New Testament through an ancient lens is a “redux” because it can “revive” the reader. It challenges bad readings of Scripture and adds depth to good readings throughout the history of the church. Along the way, hearing what the best of biblical scholarship has to offer for the interpretation of the Bible can only make us better exegetes of God’s word today. 

Every now and then, I share theological reflections, pastoral devotions, musings about the academic life, and just about anything related to early Christianity or the life, ministry, and mission of God’s people. 



Prof Max Lee


I came into my academic vocation with a passion to prepare students for a lifetime of pastoral ministry through theological education. As a New Testament professor, I enjoy helping students develop the skill sets they need to be better preachers and teachers of God’s word.

I hope that every person entering my classes and reading my blog will walk away with a greater knowledge about the culture and social values of the first century world, a greater love for reading the New Testament in its ancient context, and a greater faith to live out this same gospel message more radically today.

Ordained as a Baptist minister, I have served as a pastor, preacher, college staff member, youth leader, and short-term missionary to Japan. My primary research area is the Apostle Paul in his Greco-Roman philosophical, cultural, and literary environment. I also study the Apocalypse of John, the Gospel of Mark, Intercultural Readings of the Bible, 2nd Temple and Diaspora Judaism, and Applications of Modern Linguistic Methodology to Koiné Greek. I actively preach and teach for several local churches in the Chicago area.

Encouraging others to think critically and theologically about our world, and to apply the Bible in the real-life challenges of the Christian church is my call and mission in life.