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It’s a short review by Étienne Nodet in the latest issue of Review Biblique 128 (2021), 469-70 but a positive one. I’m grateful for it. It’s in French with mostly a summary of the book (by parts, not chapter) but the best line of the review is: «L’enquête offerte est très vaste et donne un riche paysage de la culture dans laquelle baignait Paul» which roughly translated is: “The study offered is very extensive and gives a rich landscape of the culture in which Paul bathed.”

I know of two more reviews submitted and awaiting publication. One by Te-Li Lau for the Bulletin for Biblical Research and the other by Najeeb Haddad for the journal Ancient Philosophy.

Screencaps of the RevBibl review are below. Enjoy! 

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pg 1 of Nodet review

pg 2 of Nodet review