The marketing crew at Mohr Siebeck just sent me what is the 1st published review (or rather summary) by the editors of New Testament Abstracts (64/2 2020) of my monograph Moral Transformation in Greco-Roman Philosophy of Mind which debuted in April 2020. It is part of the prestigious WUNT II series and is a standalone volume (but companion volumes to follow) that maps out the ancient philosophies of the Mediterranean world of the Apostle Paul and his diaspora Jewish contemporaries. 

It’s a short, accurate, nicely done epitome of my work. If I had to summarize the book and the larger project of which it is a part, I don’t think I could have done it better in one paragraph. 

Hopefully this is just a forerunner of more detailed reviews on my work to come in the next few months. I’ll be posting the reviews and any responses to them here on this blog. You can get a clearer PDF of the abstract in my academia link here.