I am exploring the possibility of blogging. But if I jump in, my posts will be very random and far between. Right now my biggest project is trying to complete my monograph for Mohr-Siebeck within a year’s time (by the end of 2014).

The book is listed on the publisher’s website at:


With my calendar clear, I’m optimistic I can get this done. Since the monograph focuses mostly on Paul’s contemporaries and not the Apostle Paul himself, I imagine that random ideas on the analogues I find between the ancient philosophical tradition and Paul will surface as I delve into the primary source material. When such ideas occur (how often? who knows?), I will post them here. So the blog functions, in this probational period of 1 year, a way for me to “think outloud” (please don’t hold anything I say here as inscribed in stone; I reserve the right to change my mind!) and record these ideas before I forget them. MJL

Update (3/20/14): The blog took a life of its own when I started making posts on the Greece trip. So while I will continue posting on my research for the WUNT monograph, I will also use the blog to make historical-cultural notes on the Greco-Roman world in general as a framework in which the modern reader can interpret Paul’s letters and message. I might add theological reflections and pastoral remarks from time to time, in connection with the historical-cultural notes, and anything else which I think my students (past and present) might benefit from, as it seems most of those who are anonymously reading the blog are from my classes. I did not think I could keep it up either, but generally, I have been posting on average 1x each week, which personally feels like a good pace. MJL