A Byzantine fortress on the Acrocorinth in Greece
and the background photo of the Paul Redux twitter feed
Photo taken by Max Lee © 2014 Acrocorinth

Well, it might be small numbers and a small accomplishment to many, but I’m quite delighted to celebrate a pleasant surprise: today, the Paul Redux blog reached 15,000+ pageviews! I’m glad that so many find the blog helpful, including current and past students, and new friends. It has also received a fair number of international readers. Here’s a breakdown of the top 10 countries that have viewed the blog: 

Top 10 Countries reading Paul Redux (Oct 2, 2014)

Also, the most read post was the one entitled “More Pastoral Reflections on the Life of the Slave.” Apparently there were many interested in my small diagram on the Roman patronage system and might have been surprised to find my discussion of it framed around Paul’s letter to Philemon. 

Top 10 read Posts on Paul Redux (Oct 2, 1014)

In any case, and excuse the pun!, thanks for your patronage… now if I only I can encourage some of the many anonymous readers to also become subscribers. But regardless, cheers!