In case anyone is wondering why I’m adding some post-script assignments to select blog posts, well, I’m slotted to teach an undergraduate class for the Biblical and Theological Studies Department at North Park University this coming Fall. I’m still keeping my day job as full-time seminary faculty, but since Scot McKnight’s departure for Northern, the undergrad wing of the university’s BTS dept. has been short-staffed. I’m happy to help out and relive my days as an college professor (3 years at Wheaton College and 1 year at Westmont) here at NPU. But it has been 8 years since my undergraduate teaching experience, so hopefully I can get up to speed very quickly.

Teaching at the seminary (left photo) and
Anticipating teaching at undergrad again (right photo)

   I thought it would be good to integrate this biblioblog with my Paul course. I have set up several exegetical exercises for NPU (and may be later seminary?) students under the label/tags “exegetical exercises.” My hope is that the more I blog, the more posts I can use for pedagogical purposes. And if everything goes well, my students will have a blast using the resources on Paul Redux. We shall see. 
   FYI, the above left photo is from my cozy seminary course on intercultural readings of the Bible. On the right is a photo from my days teaching at Wheaton College (I’m preaching at the senior graduation chapel). I anticipate the class size to be much larger among the undergrads. It will take an adjustment on my part but I’m eager to (re)connect with a younger generation of motivated minds and hearts.