I can’t think of a better occasion to resume blogging than to announce the upcoming 2016 Nils W. Lund Memorial Lectureship held at North Park Theological Seminary here in Chicago. Named after the seminary’s 4th dean (1922-54), and held in conjunction with the seminary’s annual Symposium on the Theological Interpretation of Scripture (this year’s theme is “Science and Religion”), the #LundLectures feature leading scholars in the States and abroad invited to speak on cutting-edge issues in New Testament and Old Testament studies. 

Nils Lund teaching class as a professor of NT (1922-54)
Photo ©2013 Historical Photo Collection at NPU

This year, for the New Testament lectureship series on Wed morning Sept 28, Susan Eastman, Associate Research Professor of New Testament at Duke Divinity School, will be speaking on the theme Paul and Personal Flourishing. Her lecture schedule is as follows: 

9:00–10:30 am Being Bodies: Paul’s Body Language and Ours
10:30am–12pm Knowing God: Cognition and the Spirit in Paul’s Thought

    For the Old Testament lectureship series on the following Thurs Sept 29, Iain Provan, The Marshall Sheppard Professor of Biblical Studies at Regent College, will speaking on the theme Were the Reformers Wrong? Some Reflections on Protestant Biblical Interpretation. His lecture schedule is: 

 9:00–10:30am On the Meaning of Words: The Literal, the Spiritual, and the Plain Confusing
10:30am–12pm Empty Speculations and Froth: The Reformers and Allegorical Reading

I’m really looking forward to hearing from both our invited lecturers. These lectures will be live-streamed (and hopefully also recorded; if so, I’ll post the links on my blog later) and during the live-stream, listeners can send questions during the Q&A through the chat function. The livestream will be available either on the Cov.Church.tv website or on the Covenant Church’s youtube channel. I’ll try to post an updated link to the lectures once I hear from the tech crew exactly how they will be handling the livestream. But this won’t probably be something I can do until early Wed morning before the 9am lecture begins. Stay tuned! MJL

Postscript 9/26/16: I received word from the tech crew. The livestream for the Lund Lectures will be here: https://livestream.com/northpark/lund-and-symposium