I was almost finished with a review which I was going to post (and still will soon!) when I received the official word from the Louisville Institute that I was awarded the Sabbatical Grant for Researchers for my project: Food, Sex, and Entertainment: Paul and the Epicureans on the Ethics of Pleasure

Marble bust of Epicurus (Roman copy)
Photo by Max Lee © 2010 British Museum

If you were following my ramblings in November, I mentioned that I was applying for two grants in the hope of securing a sabbatical research leave for the entire academic year of 2015-16. Well, I’m excited to share the news that one of my grant applications was approved, and I can plan to use the next year to write a second book on Paul and the Epicureans. The grant is funded by the Lilly Endowment and administered through the Louisville Institute in Kentucky. You can see the list of grant recipients for 2015-16, including myself, here, and an abstract of my project here
   Both personally and professionally, the grant award is a word of affirmation that my research on Paul in his ancient philosophical context offers an important contribution to the life and mission of the church. I’m eager to get started, but in this moment of exuberation I want to pause to say: “Hallelujah! Praise the Lord for his grace and provision!” and offer my many thanks to colleagues, family and friends for their unwavering support, prayers, and words of encouragement. Thank you!