It looks like Eerdmans is finally going to publish soon the long-awaited monograph by Prof. John Barclay, the Lightfoot Professor of Divinity for the Department of Theology and Religion at Durham University, with the official title: Paul and the Gift. You can read the initial description of the book directly from the Eerdmans website here, and its tentative release date is October 16, 2015 (although both Amazon and Barnes&Noble have the earlier date of August 13, 2015).

Tentative Release Date – Oct 16, 2015

If you recall, way back in May 2014, I blogged on the address given by Barclay for the inauguration of St. Mary’s Centre for the Social-Scientific Study of the Bible. In the address, Barclay gives an epitome of the central thesis of his book. A little over a year later, the book will finally be available for the academic and wider reading audience. Can’t wait! And yes, I do expect to give a detailed review of the book here on the Paul Redux blog.
    It also looks like the rumor that it would be 2 volumes, for now, is not true. But it is a whopping 688 pages and easily could have been two books instead of one large tome. Starting price tag: $62.50 at Amazon and Barnes.

HT to Nijay Gupta and Torrey Seland