Here is a really quick follow up on the PHerc workshop last weekend. Papyrologists are rock stars. It’s amazing how much detailed, meticulous care is taken to recover the text of charred papyri and bring the text into critical form for publication. Wow! I was impressed not only by the quality of the research but also the enthusiasm of rising scholars in the field of papyrology. I very much enjoyed the sessions. Some of the presenters were also doctoral students with whom I took a digital papyri summer institute (online) with Prof Rodney Ast at the University of Heidelberg last August 2020. It was great to see them again and learn from them. I did a post-session thread of tweets on the sessions. I posted them below as screen captures. Enjoy!




I think the highlight was seeing how much Homer’s Odyssey and the Iliad were very much engrained in the literary imagination of the ancient reader in the Greco-Roman world (= lecture by Prof Daniela Colomo, Oxford University). 



PHerc Workshop 1PHerc