Nijay Gupta over on his blog Crux Sola has made this awesome panel review announcement, that I’m re-blogging here. This book review by Craig Keener, Susan Eastman, and John Barclay of E.P. Sander’s recent work on Paul: The Apostle’s Life, Letters and Thought is worth trying to fly out early to catch. It is part of the newly launched Pauling Theology group of the Institute of Biblical Research. This session coincides with the start of the Society of Biblical Literature annual meeting in San Antonio, Texas, this Novmember. The review is from 4-6pm Friday late afternoon (Nov. 18), just before IBR’s plenary session in the evening at 7:00pm. I usually like flying in much later in the evening but I’m going to make an effort to arrive in San Antonio early to attend this review. Hope to see many of you there!

Postscript: Also, the Intertextuality in the New Testament Section of SBL is also planning a book review for one of our plenary sessions. Stay tuned for the announcement once all the details have been ironed out. MJL

Big News: EP Sanders to Present at IBR Research Group (Gupta)

Well, it’s been hard to keep this quiet, but I didn’t want to announce it until the plans were made final: E.P. Sanders has agreed to present at a new Institute for Biblical Research study group on Pauline Theology (the Friday when SBL begins, Nov 18, 4PM-6PM, 2016).
The new Pauline Theology research group is co-chaired by myself (Nijay Gupta) and John Goodrich. John and I were students together at Durham, we often room together at SBL, and very excited to move forward with this group together.
The program for our IBR Pauline Theology group for 2016 is as follows:
Sanders BookSanders.png
KeenerSusan Eastman Duke University Photography© Jim Wallace 0346-03 #16Abarclay
More details to come regarding the program, but please mark this date and hope to see you there!