Nyvall Hall, home of North Park Theological Seminary’s
Symposium on the Theological Interpretation of Scripture
Photo by Max Lee ©2014

Following the Lund Lectureship, each year, North Park Theological Seminary also hosts its Symposium on the Theological Intepretation of Scripture. This year’s theme is on the important and very salient issues of race and racism, especially in a North American context (#BlackLivesMatter, #TamarRice, #FreddyGray, #MichaelBrown, #immigrantlivesmatter). Klyne Snodgrass, formerly the Paul W. Brandel Chair of New Testament Studies and now an emeritus professor, spearheads the symposium, inviting speakers from across the country and at times internationally, and edits the plenary papers which are read for publication in the journal Ex Auditu

    One by one, I’m working my way through the videos that Cov.Tv streamed and also posted on their youtube channel. Sometimes, these videos are hard to find, so I’m organizing them here on this post, with the speaker names and paper titles. Chris Spinks, editor at Wipf and Stock, also posted on the symposium and included some very nice excerpts from each of the paper presenters. 
    Also, all the videos are unedited, so there are sometimes long gaps between start times. Be sure to look where to scroll for each video (red print) so you don’t have to wonder where to begin.

    On Thurs evening Sept 24, the Symposium opened with Love Sechrest, Associate Professor of New Testament at Fuller Theological Seminary, who gave the paper “Enemies, Romans, Pigs, and Dogs: Loving the Other in the Gospel of Matthew.” The response was given by Rebecca Gonzales, Executive Director of Operations for the Evangelical Covenant Church. 
First Session with Love Sechrest (start at 9:18)

   On Friday Sept 25, for sessions 2-5, we had the following speakers. In the morning, Néstor Medina (previous CV), Visiting Scholar at the University of Toronto and author of Mestizaje: Remapping Race, Culture, and Faith in Latina/o Catholicism, gave the paper “What’s Missing? Toward an Hermeneutics of Absence.” The response was given by Bruce Fields, Associate Professor of Biblical and Systematic Theology at Trinity Evangelical School, and in the past a plenary speaker for our lectureships. 

2nd Session with Néstor Medina (start at 37:50)

In the late morning session,
 Emerson Powery (our Lund lecturer) gave the paper “Lost in Translation: Ethnic Conflict in English Bibles.” The response was by our own university provost, Michael Emerson, author of the award-winning and prophetically challenging book Divided by Faith.

3rd Session with Emerson Powery (start at 2:31)

In the afternoon, Raymond Aldred, Assistant Professor of Theology at Ambrose Seminary presented the paper “An Indigenous Reinterpretation of Repentance,” with a response by one of our North Park alumni, Mark Tao, Pastor of Immanuel Covenant Church, here in Chicago. 

4th Session with Raymond Aldred (start at 5:05)

Friday ended with the evening paper by Kyle Small, Dean of Formation for Ministry and Associate Professor of Church Leadership at Western Theological Seminary, who presented “What Kind of Enemy Are You? Gentile Privilege in the Gospel of Matthew,” with the response by Alex Gee, Pastor of Fountain of Life Covenant Church. 

5th Session with Kyle Small (start at 8:40)

  On Saturday, the Symposium ended with its final three sessions. In the morning, Bo Lim, Associate Professor of Old Testament at Seattle Pacific University (also a Lund lecturer), gave the provocative paper “The Lynching of the Suffering Servant of Isaiah” with the response by Evelmyn Ivens, national staff at the Christian Community Development Association, and a recent North Park alumnus. 
6th Session with Bo Lim (start at 5:56)

In late morning session, Elizabeth (Lisa) Sung, Associate Professor of Biblical and Systematic Theology at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, gave the paper “Racial Realism in Biblical Interpretation and Theological Anthropology: An Evaluation of Recent Accounts,” with the response by doctoral candidate Valerie Landfair from Regent University, and adjunct instructor at North Park. 

7th Session with Lisa Sung (start at 4:00)

The last session featured the paper by Lewis Brogdon, Assistant Professor of Religion and Biblical Studies at Claflin University with the title “Reimagining Koinonia: Confronting the Legacy and Logic of Paul’s Letter to Philemon.” The response was given by Al Tizon, Executive Minister of Serve Globally for the Evangelical Covenant Church and soon a regular lecturer at the seminary. 

8th Session with Lewis Brogdon (start at 3:16)

Whew! That’s it. Enjoy, be blessed, and be challenged by the sessions. MJL