The summer has blitzed by and I’m still catching my breath. Although I returned from the seminary trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo in early June, and was planning on only taking a few weeks before going back to blogging, I ended up taking the entire summer off. I took a week to recover from the Congo trip and then one demand after another ensued. Now the Fall semester is about to begin at North Park. Ugh!
    This academic year, I’m on a sabbatical research leave (Thank you Louisville Institute and North Park for making this a reality!). Ironically, while I am free from teaching and administrative duties, I have a full plate of research and writing demands that will occupy my time fully (not to mention that I have my oldest son applying to colleges this year and all the parental duties that are tied to that enterprise!). However, I do plan to get back to a weekly posting on the Paul Redux blog now that I am gearing up for a year of instense reading, writing, text-editing, and everything else that needs to be done to finish two book projects. 
     I’ll begin by posting some reflections on my Congo student trip, and then my visit to the Getty Villa early August. Stay tuned for the next post! It’s good to be back and into a regular routine again. Blessings! 

The Protestant University of Ubangi (UPU)
where I taught a 5-day seminar series on Reconciliation
Photo by Max Lee © 2015