Today I had the privilege to interview Klyne Snodgrass, the Paul W. Brandel Professor of New Testament Studies, on the 3rd floor of Nyvall Hall, in an office he has occupied for four decades, where many a conversation has taken place. It was truly a joy to do this and to celebrate with a mentor, colleague, and dear friend a lifetime of faithful service to North Park Theological Seminary and the Evangelical Covenant Church. 

Nyvall Hall with its steeple in the background
from the Johnson Center on the North Park University campus

The questions I asked of Klyne were as follows (with the time stamp): 

  1. How did you feel to have received a Festschrift in your honor? (0:33)
  2. How does a scholar and pastor “do theology for the church”? (2:14)
  3. What kind of scholar and teacher have you tried to be? (3:34)
  4. What legacy and challenge do you leave with us (= the seminary and the church)? (5:17)
  5. What has been the greatest joy and greatest struggle of your vocation? (6:48)
  6. What are your immediate and long-term plans, vocationally and personally? (8:51)
  7. Any last words you would like to share with us, and especially to your family? (10:49)
The entire interview is a lean 13:20 minutes long. Feel free to watch the video below or click the youtube link where it is posted. 
   I hope you will all be blessed as much as I was from hearing Klyne’s testimony and words of exhortation. 

Post-script: I have to confess it was more work than than I thought to pull off the video interview, especially with the media equipment at hand (= Logitech HD 615 videocam; lapel mic, laptop). Many thanks to Zach Martinez, my teaching assistant, for his help in doing the camera work. He did a fantastic job. Production was all done by myself using Audicity software to improve the audio, and Microsoft Movie Maker to edit the video, add music and captions, and the like. Fun to do, but I’m not sure if I can make a career from this. MJL