Panel Review of Exploring Intertexuality for AAR-SBL 2016
in San Antonio, Texas, this November 2016

I’m excited to announce a plenary session of the Intertextuality in the New Testament (INIT) Section at this year’s AAR-SBL conference in San Antonio. The Intertextuality Section has three sessions this year, the first of which is described below.
    Over the years, the section has had a fair number of presenters with excellent papers exploring a diverse range of methodologies in intertextuality. A select number of these papers plus some invited essays have been published together in one volume, edited by B.J. Oropeza (formerly chair of the INIT) and Stephen Moyise. 
    I and Erik Waaler, current co-chairs, have organized a book review panel for the book, which will be published under the Cascade imprint of Wipf & Stock Publishers sometime after the summer 2016. The off-prints are currently being reviewed, and I’ve included an unofficial title page below: 

Available from Cascade Books sometime in Summer/Fall 2016

    There are 17 essays in total, each reflecting either a well-established methodological approach to intertextuality (e.g. metalepsis, rhetorical readings) or new and avant-garde models (e.g., hypertexts, relevance theory). We could not possibly cover every essay. Instead, we elected to pick four representative essays that cover a good range of approaches to intertextuality in New Testament interpretation. We asked the authors to give a short 10 min. summary of their work, highlighting key tenets of their use of intertextuality to interpret the biblical texts. We then gave greater time to the respondents, each an expert in his or her field, well-qualified to give a robust and critical response to each essay. There is also a planned open Q&A for the last 25 min. 
     Here is the programmed panel review (tentative schedule, subject to minor change if any) below, and I must say, we are fortunate to have quite a line-up of who’s who in New Testament studies participating in the panel. I’m very excited how this panel came together and look forward to both the presentations and what is sure to be a dynamic dialogue and debate afterwards. Be sure to join us for this session if you are there in San Antonio come this November 2016. 

Intertextuality in the New Testament 
Theme: Exploring Intertextuality: Diverse Strategies for New Testament Interpretation of Texts

Presider: Max Lee, North Park Theological Seminary

Introduction (5 min): Erik Waaler and B.J. Oropeza

1) Metalepsis: The Intersection of Two Stories (10 min)
by Jeannine Brown, Bethel Seminary

Respondent: Nicholas Perrin, Wheaton College and Graduate School (20 min)

2) Midrashic Interpretation of Scripture  (10 min)
by B.J. Oropeza, Azusa Pacific University, and Lori Baron, Duke Divinity School

Respondent: Craig Keener, Ashbury Theological Seminary (20 min)

3) Mimesis (10 min)
by Dennis MacDonald, Claremont School of Theology

Respondent: Karl Olav Sandnes, Norwegian School of Theology (20 min)

4) Multidimensional Intertextuality (10 min)
by Erik Waaler, NLA University College

Respondent: Stanley Porter, McMaster Divinity College (20 min)

5) Panel Discussion and Questions from the Floor (25 min)