Well, in case anyone is wondering why I have not posted a follow up yet on idol food at Corinth, here is the reason why: 

I just received the proof’s for the Seyoon Kim Festschrift. All 312 pages (not including the front matter or indices). Wow! This is painstaking detailed work. Pardon the pun, but checking proof’s is proof that the life of the scholar means doing the mundane well. I can’t tell you how many odd breaks I’m finding between lines, sentences, paragraphs, and pages. Arghh! I have not focused this intensely on minutia since I spent a college summer working in an entomology lab counting spider mites on grape leaves for a U.C. Berkeley professor. 
    In any case, until the proof’s are sent to Wipf and Stock, I won’t be posting on idol food. But my TA and I are almost done. It’s well worth the effort. Just need to dig deep for the final 100 yard dash!