Wipf and Stock produced a nice flyer of the Festschrift which I and the editors presented to Dr. Seyoon Kim in honor of his retirement from full-time teaching at Fuller Theological Seminary and on the occasion of his 68th birthday. Though the book will not be published until March-April 2014, we surprised Dr. Kim with a framed cover at the Korean Biblical Colloquium, an affiliate of the Society of Biblical Literature, at the meeting in Baltimore this November 2013. There was a celebration and banquet afterwards.

The cover, by the way, features an 1855 Maria Fortuny painting entitled: “St. Paul Preaching at the Areopagus.” As far as I know, the Festschrift will mark the first time this painting has been published as a cover for an academic book in New Testament studies. It’s simply a beautiful art piece, and many thanks go to the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya in Spain for giving permission to publish it. Here is a copy of the flyer along with the book cover.