I’m very much looking forward to this workshop on the PHerc papyri. My next two book projects will involve studying Philodemus of Gadara among other Greco-Roman Epicureans during the late Republic to early imperial period (1st century BCE to 2nd century CE). I’m mostly working with the critical printed text editions but nevertheless I would like to learn more about the papyri itself. 

It’s also rare to have a workshop like this for novices without having to spend many dollars for travel, overnight stay, etc. One day, I do hope to work with a papyri collection directly by participating in a summer institute once the COVID restrictions safely lift. 

The only downside is the time. I missed this until after I registered. I later saw the UK time announcements. That means the workshop starts at 4am CST/Chicago time. Ughhhhhh! I’m actually getting too old for this. I tried to attend the British New Testament Conference and it was tough getting up at that early.

I’ll need lots of Hot beverage but I do think it’ll be worth it.